Ryan GIldea

Audio Engineer, Multi-instrumentalist, software Developer

I have been writing, performing, recording, editing, and mixing music for as long as I can remember. I've also been drawn to technology for just as long, learning to program, design, and create software adjacent to music, art, games, and entertainment. Throughout my career, I've looked for opportunities to combine these interests and skills. After more than 15 years of developing software professionally, I turned my focus to audio engineering in 2021, and completed an advanced professional certificate program at Berklee College of Music Online. Since then I have mixed  and mastered music for a wide variety of artists from my home studio.

My experience improvising in group settings has given me great listening skills, both musically and in communication. As a multi-instrumentalist, my role in bands has included playing guitars, keys, synths, and electronics to suit the unique needs of each song. I approach record production much like my role in those bands. I find the best way to support the song's energy and channel and amplify the writer's intentions into their best possible representation.

My years of experience as a software engineer and engineering leader making apps, games, and consumer products have taught me to be practical when problem-solving, to work collaboratively on creative solutions, and to have high standards for quality and workmanship.

I am available for mixing, editing and tuning vocals, producing, demos, songwriting feedback, re-recording, and instrumentation/augmentation of existing tracks.